Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Video Of Kinetic Sculpture

This link will take you to "Double Trouble" the sculpture pictured on my other blog.

The link below is a video that shows each machine that I built; Each one a little different from the last.  They can be very destructive when set at a fast rpm with the motor control, and they can also be turned down.  The idea of being able to slow the destruction down is representative of how our society in America needs to slow it's consumption down.  We need to stop destroying nature as well.    

Here is the video of how I set up the installation.  The tops were not secured down so that once you heard the sounds it drew you in closer.    I left slits where the arms swung out of,  which raised your curiosity to what's inside.  Then you might open the box and take a look.  This investigative process goes hand-in-hand with finding out the truth of what is happening to our planet.  You hear about some destruction, you start to see it around you, and then hopefully you investigate more about it.  And I hope this will push people to revolt and stop the destruction. 

Anthropogenic Destruction- Kinetic Sculptures

Power | This tiger represents the power and beauty that our nature holds.  Nature can destroy us with it's natural disasters yet it also brings us peace and enjoyment.   Global climate change continues to accelerate as we discard natures importance, and our need for our co-existence.   
Steel Rebar, Sheet Steel
May 2009

Double Trouble|  This sculpture is an artistic version of a livestock production farm.  It constantly chops through the plaster layers and will eventually destroy itself.  If humans continue to produce the same amount of meat we will destroy ourselves as well.
Steel, Pine, and DC Motor
May 2009 

Revelation | This figure represents the human race breaking free from their old lifestyle.  We need to become more sustainable in every aspect of our lives.  The road ahead will be extremely difficult, but neccesary for our continued existence.
Steel Rebar, Plaster, Acrylic, Chicken Wire, and Burlap
May 2008-2009

Tree?| Will deforestation wipe every tree off the face of the earth?  If so we will probably miss the aesthetics.  I have created the first tree of the future by mixing industrial material with nature. 
Wood and Steel Rebar
May 2009

Destruction behind closed doors| 
Closed factories with secrets. 
DC motors, Basic Stamp 1.0, and Poplar
May 2009